Wine Flavoured Chips Are Here!

Gourmet Life Sparkling Wine Chips & Aphelion Wine

Wine flavoured chips are here, Australia! Read on to find out what they taste like and where to get them.

Wine is wonderful.

Wine goes great with chips.

So – Porque no los dos (Why not have both) in one convenient product?


Well, some genius has answered your wine and chip prayers with this: behold, the Sparkling Wine Chip!

Yes – at last – champagne, meet chips.

Gourmet Life Sparkling Wine Chips & Aphelion Wine

So what does this eighth wonder of the world taste like?

These are premium, thick cut, super crunchy chips. Plenty of my favourite “doubled over” chips in here. 

Do they taste like sparkling wine? My word they do! That lovely crisp, dry bubbly flavour combined with the crunch of a chip you can eat. 


Next up: I will try these chips with a delicious champagne and see if it affects the flavour of either! Stay tuned for that one. 

So where can you get your hands on your own jumbo (or snack sized) bag of sparkling wine chips?

Gourmet Life is the answer – the exclusive importer of #winechips from Spain – the same producer that brought us those delectable Truffle Chips (yep – they exist too and they are SO TASTY!)

So grab yourself a bottle of fizz, a bag of wine chips – and have yourself a party in your mouth.




## Thanks to Gourmet Life for the #winechips samples – they went straight in mah belleh. As always, even though this product was gifted, it is my honest opinion.  



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