3 Hot Aus Day Fairy Bread Lamington Wine Matches

Australia Day

Straya Day

Invasion Day

Whatever you call it, it’s a day off work to enjoy the sunshine, listen to the Triple J hottest 100, have a BBQ with mates and reconnect the way Aussies do it best. 

This year, a new recipe is doing the rounds. Smashing it straight out the park, and guaranteed to have you frothing, I give you the Fairy Bread Lamington




Yes, at last, the mashing together of sprinkles and butter on bread, and sponge cake with pink icing. 

Sure to be a hit at your celebration.

The only thing better than a tinny and a sausage sanga is a fairy bread lamington and a glass of one of my handpicked wine matches. 


3 Hot Aus Day Fairy Bread Lamington Wine Matches

1. Vermentino

Icy cold verm is slippery, minerally and not at all sweet. Like licking a cold rock rubbed with lemon peel, it will accentuate the crunchiness of the hundreds and thousands, and make you taste the sweetness of the pink icing.

Try: Olivers Taranga McLaren Vale Vermentino 2015


2. Off Dry Riesling

My old mate. This fellow has the zing of lemon, the whiff of flowers or kero depending where it’s from and will fill you with the sherbetty joy of your dreams. Take a big old bite of your fairy bread lamington and you’ll notice the lightness and vanilla goodness of the sponge cake. The hundreds and thousands and pink icing won’t taste as sweet, as they go head to head with the off dry sweetness of the rizza.

Try: Grosset Alea Riesling


3. The Wildcard: Sagrantino Rose

Now, I know what you’re thinking. 

What the heck is it, is it good, and where the heck can I get it?




Sagrantino is the second most tannic red wine grape variety. Bold tannins and acid hide the beauty to the beast though, as Sag is full of blueberry and violet aromas, and lush blue, purple and red fruit flavours. 

We ran off a little rose juice when making our Aphelion 2015 McLaren Vale Sagrantino as a home supply of rose. It is off dry, bold, grippy, intruiging and great with either sugar or hot chilli spice. 

Try: Aphelion 2015 McLaren Vale Sagrantino

Aphelion 2015 McLaren Vale Sagrantino horizontal


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