5 Reasons My Handbag is Cooler Than Yours – And It’s For Wine!

Cool Clutch Eliza reviewed

These Handbags and Totes Secretly Hold a Whole Bottle or Cask of Wine, and Keep Them Cool. Really!

So why do you need a Cool Clutch in your life?

1. The alternative is daggy.

Wine bags. Insulated or paper, tend to be daggy. They have other flaws.

2. The alternative is easily left behind.

Sure, they may keep your wine cool, but how often have you left them behind after being kicked under the table at a restaurant?

Discarded behind the empty beer bottles at a BBQ?

Or just looking extremely daggy with their gaudy colours against your “good clothes”?


Cool Clutch has the simple and chic solution to your chilled wine transport woes – the wine dispensing handbag!


3. Designs for everybody!

Quite simply, Cool Clutch have come up with a huge range of handbags, backpacks, clutches and totes that have a hidden secret – a fully insulated lining just perfect for wine.

Some models are made for a bottle of wine, and others are designed to hold an entire cask bladder, even with a dispensing hole so you can pour your chilled wine straight from your stylish handbag!



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Just pop your chilled bottle or wine cask bladder into your Cool Clutch, and strut the streets with no one the wiser.

You’ll always be prepared for when sip happens!

Imagine the possibilities, shopping, time with the in-laws, to a restaurant with BYO, camping, picnics. IF YOU LOVE WINE, YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!


5. Not Just for Wine

Of course, if wine isn’t your thing, the Cool Clutch still has your back. The insulated pouches are handy for anything you need to keep cool. Beer, soft drinks, water, even your lunch. 

Best yet, these innovative bags start at just $34.95!

Kris Kringle and Secret Santa sorted!

Visit Cool Clutch.

Eliza was gifted by Cool Clutch for review, but all opinions as always are completely and honestly my own.

So do tell me, would the Cool Clutch suit you or someone you know? Which one takes your fancy? Have your say below – Comments Make My Day!!


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