14 Awesome Boozy Advent Calendars

What’s your poison?

There’s an advent calendar for that. 

Forget the crumbly, flavourless compound chocolate $2 jobs. 

Advent calendars have come of age!

They’ve grown up and become desirable, and diverse. Just like us! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Take a look through our list of 14 truly awesome boozy advent calendars and start dropping hints to Santa now!


1. Beer Advent Calendar 

Another hot summer day, another refreshing beer or cider! 25 hand picked, craft brewed beers can be all yours ready to count down to the Jolly Fat Man’s arrival for just $100 (plus $7 shipping).

Shop now and your Booze Bud Beer Advent Calendar will be shipped to you immediately. Your challenge is to wait til Dec 1 to start sampling! 



Another option is the Beer Cartel Beer Advent Calendar. $105 plus shipping of $10 – $15.


There is also the Bridge Road Brewery Advent Calendar for $99 from Dan Murphy’s.



2. Cider Advent Calendar

Perhaps you like the sweeter side of brewing. Sample 25 craft ciders in your very own Booze Bud Cider Advent Calendar. $100 (plus $7 shipping).


3. Gin Baubles

Not quite an advent calendar in the traditional format, but easily treated as one, I give you Gin-Filled Baubles!


Hang them from your tree and drink them all up before the dog / cat / kid / partner / Aunty Jack gets them all!


Find them online in the UK – 30 Pounds for 6. Doubtful if they ship to Australia – and if they would arrive in tact!


4. Gin Advent Calendar

Aww yeah – all craft gin, all December! 

Gin Advent Calendars are real, and they are fan – bloody – tastic!

First cab off the rank is the Gin Advent Calendar available from MasterofMalt.com. This little beauty will tickle your fancy with 24 different 3cl drams of everyone’s favourite juniper-based beverage – gin! There’s fantastic gins of all different styles from all around the world to be enjoyed within this calendar, perfect for sipping in all manner of tasty cocktails. $257  ($182 plus shipping of approx $75 from the UK).


Locally there is also an Australian version of a Gin Advent Calendar, sold by Carwyn Cellars online which contains 24 x 30ml nips of holiday cheer from a multitude of quality Australian distilleries. $220.


Another option is the “Ginvent” (Gin Advent – geddit?).

You can buy the Ginvent:

  • online through MasterofMalt.com for $249  ($174 plus shipping of approx $75 from the UK), or,
  • the only physical, in-store Aussie stockist I know of for the Ginvent Calendar is Belair Fine Wines in the Adelaide Hills where they have 6, selling at $275 for 24 x 30ml gin surprises.


Difficulty Level: Easy

Buy Gin Advent Calendar online at MasterofMalt.com – $257  ($182 plus shipping of approx $75 from the UK)

Buy Gin Advent Calendar online at Carwyn Cellars – $220

Buy “Ginvent” online at MasterofMalt.com – $249  ($174 plus shipping of approx $75 from the UK)

Buy “Ginvent” in-store at Belair Fine Wines – $275




5. Whiskey Advent Calendar

A nip a day keeps the chill at bay. Except that our Christmas is in Summer. It certainly keeps the Christmas cheer flowing!

MasterofMalt.com offer a whiskey advent calendar for $282 ($207 shipping approx $75 from the UK.). Behind each of the 24 windows lies a different wax-sealed 3cl Drinks By The Dram sample of delicious whisky.

Brilliant drams within this year’s calendar include 50 year old Scotch, brand new releases and the Worldโ€™s Best Blended Whisky (World Whiskies Awards 2014)! Taste everything from single grain and bourbon to rare Scotch worth up to $1000 a bottle.


Carwyn Cellars offer only the finest Australian craft distillers and producers in the calendars โ€” no filler, no crap. 24 x 30ml nips of the best. $330. Free shipping is a bonus, delivering now ready for Dec 1. 


Difficulty Level: Easy

Carwyn Cellars $330 – free shipping.

MasterofMalt.com $282  ($207 shipping approx $75 from the UK.)


6. More Specific Whisky!

Fussy about your whisky? Rest easy. MasterofMalt.com have got your back with another 9 whiskey advent calendars to choose from! Each handmade, wax-sealed dram allows whisky fans to sample a new expression.


Charge your whisky-rocks and peruse your choice of:

Scotch Whisky $295  ($220 plus shipping approx $75 from the UK)

Irish Whiskey $270 ($195 plus shipping approx $75 from the UK)

American Whiskey $295  ($220 plus shipping approx $75 from the UK)

Japanese Whiskey $316  ($241 plus shipping approx $75 from the UK)

Single Cask Whisky $350 ($275 plus shipping approx $75 from the UK)

Premium Whiskey $563  ($488 plus shipping approx $75 from the UK)

Glenfarclas Whisky $550  ($413 plus shipping approx $75 from the UK)

Old & Rare Whiskey $1453  ($1,378 plus shipping approx $75 from the UK)

VERY Old & Rare Whiskey $13,827  ($13,752 plus shipping approx $75 from the UK)


7. Bourbon Advent Calendar

If you like the dark stuff, here is the calendar for you. MasterofMalt.com Bourbon Advent Calendar $ ($207  plus shipping from the UK of approx $75).

8. Rum Advent Calendar

Make like a pirate and sip on a new rum from your very own MasterofMalt.con Rum Advent Calendar this December. $282    ($207  plus shipping of approx $75 from the UK).

9. Tequila Advent Calendar

Load up on lemon and salt and indulge with 24 different tequilas in the countdown to Christmas from the MasterofMalt.com Tequila Advent Calendar. $268   ($193 plus shipping of approx $75 from the UK).

10. Mezcal Advent Calendar 

Perhaps it is the ultimate tequila with the worm that floats your boat. If so, then the MasterofMalt.com Mezcal Advent Calendar is for you! $282  ($207 plus shipping of approx $75 from the UK).

11. Cognac Advent Calendar

Ahh the complex, French spirit. Charge your Festive glass with 24 different cognac’s in the MasterofMalt.com Cognac Advent Calendar $295   ($220 plus shipping of approx $75 from the UK).

12. Vodka Advent Calendar

Potato based, clear as glass. 24 of the best in the MasterofMalt.com Vodka Advent Calendar. $213   ($138 plus shipping of approx $75 from the UK).

Or why not opt for the increasingly spicy MasterofMalt.com Chilli Vodka Escalation Advent Calendar that turns up the heat more and more with each day’s nip as you get closer to Christmas! $213   (138 plus shipping of approx $75).


13. Armagnac Advent Calendar

French luxury by the day in the countdown to Christmas with the MasterofMalt.com Armagnac Advent Calendar. $295   ($220 plus shipping of approx $75 from the UK).

14. Absinthe Advent Calendar

The Little Green Fairy bringing special Christmas cheer in the MasterofMalt.com Absinthe Advent Calendar. $268   ($193 plus shipping of approx $75 from the UK)


 BONUS! 15. Wine 12 Days of Christmas

This bonus wine box isn’t a 24 day countdown to the Jolly Man’s arrival – but it’s close!

Secret Bottle are offering a fabulous gift box of 12 Days of Christmas Wines by the glass. Try 12 different wines, one a day, in the lead up to Festivus. 

The wines are individually portioned in glass tubes each a perfect pour of vino. 

How good’s that?!

Wondering about the quality of wine you’ll get? Wonder no more. I’ve reviewed the Secret Bottle Box here. 


Australian McLaren Vale Fleurieu Christmas Gift Guide Food Wine

Or, If none of these are an option…

There is ALWAYS chocolate. Upgrade this year and order premium Carpe Koko to your door.


If in Adelaide, Uber Eats will deliver you goodness from Steven ter Hoorst Chocolatier.

Chocolate not your thing either?

You could always make your own Wine Bottle Christmas Tree – all you need is a large bottle drying rack and LOTS of empty bottles!



The Metro UK has the scoop. 

Happy Counting Down!


Prices correct at time of publication


Know any other great boozy advent calender’s? One of these tickle your fancy? Have your say below – Comments make my day!


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