Thomas Farms Kitchen Unboxing Review

Thomas Farms Kitchen Unboxing Review
Can't believe I made a laksa this good. YUM!



Thomas Farms Kitchen Unboxing Review


Thomas Farms have long been suppliers of fresh produce, and have recently expanded their offering to include Thomas Farms Kitchen, a home delivered recipe service with all the ingredients you need to cook along.

Eleven meals are offered to choose from each week, including three vegetarian options. The menus are designed by acclaimed local chef Nigel Rich from McLaren Vale restaurant The Elbow Room.

Tasty, convenient meals are what this service is all about. 

Come and see what I discovered in my trial box of two vegetarian recipes!


Thomas Farms Kitchen Unboxing Review

Thomas Farms Kitchen keep-it-cool packaging. Photo: Willunga Wino


Finding a cooler box on the doorstep was really exciting. I couldn’t wait to see what was inside! To keep the contents cool and perfectly fresh, it is a reused foam box with frozen cooler bricks inside.

Thomas Farms Kitchen Unboxing Review

Inside the Thomas Farms Kitchen box – 2 meals for two. Photo: WIllunga Wino


Everything is portioned and labelled.
Recipe cards have simple and cheeky directions that are fun to read and easy to follow.
You can see the flavours to come and it is mouth watering! I could not wait to get started. 
Thomas Farms Kitchen Unboxing Review

Perfectly portioned, easy as pie. Photo: Willunga Wino


First Recipe: Mushroom Burgers With Swiss Cheese

Caramelised Onion, Mayo, and Tangy Salad


First up was crafting the salad. It only took a few minutes, and the carrot ribbons, plus the tangy balsamic dressing elevated it from everyday.

Thomas Farms Kitchen Unboxing Review

Tasty, tangy, not ordinary salad. Photo: Willunga Wino


Meanwhile, the caramelised onions were becoming beautifully sticky and fragrant.

At this point I was so hungry!


Thomas Farms Kitchen Unboxing Review

Caramelised balsamic fennel onions – is there any better smell?


Next up, the mushrooms were a-sizzling, then topped with swiss cheese that was melted under the grill.

Perfect brioche buns toasted, and it was time to assemble.

What do you think?

Do you want to tuck into this?


Thomas Farms Kitchen Unboxing Review

Mushroom burger with caramelised onion and tangy salad. Photo: Willunga Wino

Recipe 2: Pumpkin Laksa

This recipe made me excited right away. Pumplin was ready cubed, kaffir lime leaves ready for the scrunching, and laksa paste at the ready. I think the amazing, fragrant and sweet laksa paste was the secret ingredient here. Plus not one, but two stock cubes. 

All I know is, this was the best laksa I’ve ever had, and I made it!

Enjoy this laksa porn.

Thomas Farms Kitchen Unboxing Review

Pumpkin laksa – if only my blog had smell-o-vision!

Rich, satisfying, fragrant, sweet, lime-y, full of fresh herbs, tasty noodles.


Thomas Farms Kitchen Unboxing Review

Seriously – the best laksa that I have ever had!


So much to love!

There was enough delish laksa for two greedy humans, and a massive leftover bowl for lunch the next day. 


Thomas Farms Kitchen Unboxing Review

Fragrant, vibrant, easy, yum!



$12.50 a meal.


Bonus!! 50% off Your First Thomas Farms Kitchen  

I love the Thomas Farms Kitchen box, and am so happy to be able to share with you a discount code for 50% off your first order – so go crazy, order up big, and eat like Kings and Queens!

Just enter the code TFK50 during checkout.

Cheers to that!

 Grab your own Thomas Farms Kitchen meal box here.


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 Thomas Farms Kitchen Unboxing Review
Comments make my day! So tell me, what would you have liked to try most from the Thomas Farms Kitchen Box? Have your say below!

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