Goodness Me Box Feb 2016 Unboxing Review

Goodness Me Box Unboxing Feb 2016 Review

Goodness Me Box Feb 2016 Unboxing Review


Goodness Me Box is one of the largest Australian subscription boxes in size.

I’ve been delighted with every single monthly box.

Healthy products feature, with an emphasis on Australian made, and organic products along with thoughtful and beautiful packaging.

Gorgeous packaging & all recycled and recyclable. Photo: Willunga Wino

Unique Feature: 

Genetic Engineering / Genetically Modified Organism free.

Natural / healthy / superfood focus.

All products are two or more of the following: Organic, raw, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, sustainable or vegan.

Local and imported products are included.

Focus on edibles.

Boxes are posted on the 1st of the month.

Goodness Me Box Review

Goodness Me Box packaging. Photo: Willunga Wino




The Goodness Me Box comes in a large, custom, flat square cardboard box trimmed with beautiful floral stickers, twine, and a matching business sized card.

Inside is tissue paper and sticker closure. Recyclability (and recycled content) is high.

Sample packaging is mostly recyclable, except for some foil bonded plastic packages (for trail bars, or bonded pouches).


$25 a month (inc shipping)

$70 for a 3 month subscription ($23.33 per month inc shipping).

$135 for a 6 month subscription ($22.50 per month inc shipping).

$265 for a 12 months subscription ($22.08 per month inc shipping).

Goodness Me Box Unboxing Feb 2016 Review

Goodness Me Box Unboxing Feb 2016 Review. Photo: Willunga Wino

What’s in the Goodness Me Box Feb 2016: 

In the Box there is a focus on edible products.

Products come in sample, travel and full sizes. 

There are 8-12 products per box. 

All subscribers receive the same products.

A beautiful, 2 x A5, full colour, gloss, folded info card is included which tells you what products are in the box and has their photographs. There are also links to websites to purchase, product RRP’s and a tear off recipe card with two recipes that feature ingredients from the box.

In the the Goodness Me Box January 2016, the contents were:

  • Aussie Bodies: Naked Bars (full size) $2.59
  • Higher Living: White Tea & Strawberry (sample) $3.69
  • Glutenfree Kitchen: Coconut Flour (full size) $7.49
  • Terra Firma Foods: Tigernut Snack (full size) $7.49
  • Meko: Coconut Water (full size) $3
  • Nutrition Warrior: Spice Super Protein Blend (sample) $29.95
Goodness Me Box Unboxing Feb 2016 Review

Goodness Me Box Unboxing Feb 2016 Review



There is a points based rewards program, where points are earned by reviewing the products in the boxes. Points go towards a bonus product. Once you have fifty points your bonus product will be delivered with your next GoodnessMe Box. Each product review is worth 2 reward points.

There are also regular competitions via their social media feeds and in the monthly box.


Online Shop: 

There is no online shop.

Product of the Month:

My favourite product this month was the Nutrition Warrior Spice Blend – such a delicious chai-like spicy flavour. Very unique. It adds a real zing to my morning bananna and oat smoothie.  


The Higher Living White Tea with Strawberry was really refreshing and gave me a great pick me up mid afternoon. Especially with the Naked bars!


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Pinnable Image:

Goodness Me Box Unboxing Feb 2016 Review
Comments make my day! So tell me, what would you have liked to try most from the Goodness Me Box? Have your say below!

Our Rating

8 Size

8 Variety

8 Packaging

8 Value

8 X Factor

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