Lucky Cat Dim Sum Bar Review

Lucky Cat Dim Sum Bar Review
Free prawn crackers. Photo: Willunga Wino

Steps from the Entertainment Centre, and a handy walk from Coopers Stadium, was the cute, pocket sized dim sim bar Lucky Cat.

Was – because it has sadly closed its’ doors for the last time, after less than 12 months.


Lucky Cat Dim Sum Bar Review

Cosy bar. Photo: Willunga Wino


Formerly Suzie Wong’s Room, the refocus under the same ownership and management gave it a slick new look and tasty, share-able Chinese eats.

Owing to Mad March and the wealth of events on in Adelaide, I dined twice at Lucky Cat pre concert, before it closed.

Smiley but not overly informative, waitstaff didn’t tell us about the Chinese New Year special menu, but did talk about the ‘Year of The Goat’ appropriate Raidis Estate Pinot Gris ($8.50) – which I don’t normally drink. However on this auspicious day, I figured, why not?


Lucky Cat Dim Sum Bar Review

Raidis Estate Pinot Grigio. Photo: Willunga Wino


Complimentary prawn crackers were brought out, always welcome.



Lucky Cat Dim Sum Bar Review

Free prawn crackers. Photo: Willunga Wino


At the same time, we had our orders taken from the cute menus which also serve as take away dockets. In true dim sum style, you just jot down the number of each of the goodies that you wish to try. Easy. And reminiscent of Papparich


Lucky Cat Dim Sum Bar Review

Dim Sum menu. Photo: Willunga Wino


First to arrive were the impressive Shallot Cakes ($8.80). Almost like a bread, the soft dough encased plenty of fresh shallot, with a golden and crisp crust. Chilli dipping sauce added a bite.


Lucky Cat Dim Sum Bar Review

Shallot Cakes ($8.80). Photo: Willunga Wino


BBC ($13.80) has nothing to do with British TV.

Beancurd skin, baby broad beans, and shredded cabbage is stir fried with garlic, chilli and a flavoursome soy based sauce. It’s an instant winner in my book.


Lucky Cat Dim Sum Bar Review

BBC – Beancurd, beans and cabbage ($13.80). Photo: Willunga Wino

It’s not Dim Sum without dumplings so we add to the feast a serve each of the BBQ Pork Bun ($6.80), Veg Dumpling ($6.80), and Veg Bun ($6.80).

The dumplings are hand pleated and the perfect thickness and softness to not fall apart but also not be thick and rubbery. 

Buns are light and airy with plenty of tasty filling. 


Lucky Cat Dim Sum Bar Review

Veg Dumpling ($6.80) Veg Bun ($6.80) Pork Bun ($6.80). Photo: Willunga Wino



Raidis Estate Pinot Grigio was a great match for the meal, which had soy saltiness and chilli heat – a combination that is best matched to an aromatic variety or off dry wine.

There was even a cheerful farewell from a Japanese Lucky Cat – it’s namesake. 

Not lucky enough though, it seems, with this cute, handily located establishment now closed.



Happy Year Of The Goat!

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I miss all of the food! Farewell, lucky Cat, may you return

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Comments make my day – so tell me – What would you have liked most at Lucky Cat? Have your say below!

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