Eclectic Tastes Cafe

Eclectic Tastes Cafe Review 2014
Eclectic Tastes Cafe Review 2014

Ballarat is full of quirky finds.

Eclectic by name, Eclectic by nature, Ballarat’s Eclectic Cafe is housed on a corner in a unique wedge-shaped building.

Welcoming sign. Photo: Willunga Wino

It reminds me of a miniature New York City Flat Iron Building, one of my favourite pieces of iconic New York architecture.

Mini Flat Iron building. Photo: Willunga Wino

There are no doubts as to whether the cafe is open, with this iconic pop-art open sign on display.
Eclectic Tastes Cafe review Ballarat

Welcome sign. Photo: Willunga Wino

Inside it is very quirky, decorated with all sorts of antiques, providing a variety of smaller spaces to cosy up with friends. 
Eclectic Tastes Cafe review

Quirky interiors. Photo: Willunga Wino

By the front door there is also a book exchange.
Eclectic Tastes Cafe review

Book exchange by the door. Photo: Willunga Wino

You’ll be tempted by the cake cabinet. I’ve heard amazing things about the mug brownies that have a turkish delight centre.
Eclectic Tastes Cafe review

Chocolate mug cake with Turkish delight centres. Photo: Willunga Wino

Choose to dine inside with the goodies, or outside in a sunny, pet friendly courtyard – with water bowls provided for furry family members.

Furry friends welcome. Photo: Willunga Wino


Help yourself water station for two legged patrons is a nice touch for those dining in the sunny courtyard. 

Help yourself to water. Photo: Willunga Wino

On this morning we are soon brought menus by friendly waitstaff who share a chat. 


And what menus – they are inside old “Golden Books”, which I found cute and in keeping with the theme of the place. On this occasion, I was lucky to get the classic Puss In Boots.

Eclectic Tastes Cafe review Ballarat

Not a Golden Book. Photo: Willunga Wino

The menu is truly diverse, and I really struggled to choose because it was all so interesting and sounded so good! This is not usually the case, especially for a vegetarian like me. 
Eclectic Tastes Cafe review Ballarat

Truly interesting breakfast options. Photo: Willunga Wino


Orders placed, there are a few minutes to continue admiring the setting in the Ballarat winter sun.

The building itself is adorned with ever changing street artworks well worth taking a wander to admire.

Gorgeous street art. Photo: Willunga Wino

First out are our coffees.

Coffee is supplied by Espresso di Manifredi, it is a nice dark roast with strong flavour profile. The piccolo double shot latte is up to Mr Wino’s standards.

Lovely tableware. Photo: Willunga Wino 


Soy cappuccino allows the coffee to shine with no splitting or “soy taste face” needed, plus it is given a generous chocolate sprinkle topping.


That’s good coffee. Photo: Willunga Wino
After a little delay of 10 minutes or so, our meals arrive. Of course, I suffer with food envy looking at my dining companion’s meals.
It’s not really a problem though as my Bombay Scrambled Eggs are amazing. Turmeric yellow, but also spiced with cumin, corriander, onion and tomato. It was accompanied with chutney and crisp roti bread. I loved it and I’m not really an egg person.
Eclectic Tastes Cafe review Ballarat

Bombay Eggs. Photo: Willunga Wino

For breakfast with a funky twist – put Eclectic Tastes on your list.
It’s a sunny little corner which is a great stop after a spin around the Lake for a coffee.

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Our Rating

6 Location

7 Decor

6 Food Appearance

7 Food Taste

6 Beverages (variety, price)

7 Service

6 Value

7 X Factor

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