Java Lounge Ballarat Cafe Review

Ballarat Java Lounge Cafe Review Vegetarian

Java Lounge won’t smack you in the face with it’s looks outside.

But be brave and venture indoors.



Ballarat Java Lounge Cafe Review Vegetarian

Street Presence. Photo: Willunga Wino


It’s huge.

Soaring ceilings and plenty of seating types dot the space. One wall is sparsely decorated with a wine rack, Aboriginal artwork, and hessian coffee bags.


Ballarat Java Lounge Cafe Review Vegetarian

So many seating zones. Photo: Willunga Wino



The other has specials boards.

At the back is the coffee bar which is obviously a point of pride. Check out the coffee cup artworks on the wall behind. Reverence coffee from El Salvador is used here. We had already had a coffee so didn’t try it but plenty of locals were lining up to get it.


Ballarat Java Lounge Cafe Review Vegetarian

Proud of their coffee. Photo: Willunga Wino


At first glance the menu appears to be standard cafe far.

The waitress polite, but perfunctory.

I’m glad I hung in there though, because the food was zingy, warm, winter goodness on a plate.

Haloumi Salad is old hat, right? I always think so.

Here at Java Lounge it is used as a supporting act in a stunning warm salad.

Sautéed baby spinach is the base, along with red quinoa. Crisp, fresh asparagus spears hide amongst the leaves. As do perfectly toasted, creamy crunchy macadamia nuts.

A zippy lemon dressing with good seasoning is also on song, with a wedge of lemon you can up the zing to your own perfect level.


Ballarat Java Lounge Cafe Review Vegetarian

Amazing Warm Halloumi Salad ($16). Photo: Willunga Wino


Daddy Wino’s beef burger with house seasoned fries and capsicum salad with honey mustard dressing got two thumbs up.

The patty was juicy and tender, the Panini fresh, and the chippies were crisp outside, fluffy in the middle and sprinkled with a generous amount of bacon spices.


Ballarat Java Lounge Cafe Review Vegetarian

Beef Burger and Chips ($14.90). Photo: Willunga Wino


I was really impressed by my warm Winter salad, and am keen to return to try the Reverence coffee.


Don’t judge this book by its’ cover.


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Ballarat Java Lounge Cafe Review Vegetarian















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    (03) 5333 2633

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