What’s In The Box? Native Box May 2015 Review

Native Box February 2015 Review
Native Box February 2015 Review. Photo: Willunga Wino

Native Box has been a part of my life for over a year now, and the monthly boxes have a great balance between food, drink, household and beauty products. It is packed by people with a disability helping to boost social sustainability in Australia. 1% of profits are donated via 1% for the Planet.

Native Box May 2015 Review

Native Box May 2015 Review. Photo: Willunga Wino

Unique Features: 

Focus on Australian owned companies to supply products. 

Natural / healthy snack & product focus.

Native Box are a member of 1% for the Planet, where 1% of profits are donated.

Packed by Ozanam Australia which offers meaningful paid employment to people disabilities. 

Boxes are posted in the first week of the month.



Native Box comes in a custom, flat square cardboard box which is decorated with blue.It’s the same size as the Notox BoxRecyclability (and recycled content) is high. It is fixed closed with a strip of plastic that is recyclable.

Sample packaging is mostly recyclable, except for some foil bonded plastic packages (for trail bars, or bonded pouches).


Classic Box:

$24.95 a month (inc shipping)

$69.60 for a 3 month subscription ($23.30 per month inc shipping).

$134.70 for a 6 month subscription ($22.45 per month inc shipping).

$264 for a 12 months subscription ($22.00 per month inc shipping).

NativeBox have three other boxes :

Vegan Box:

$24.95 a month (inc shipping)

Supersize Box: (full sized products only)

$49.95 a quarter/season (inc shipping).

Beauty Box:

$24.95 a quarter/season (inc shipping).

Whats in the Box: 

In the Classic Box there is a good balance between food, drinks, beauty, home cleaning products.

There is a good mix between food, drink, household and beauty products.

Products come in sample, travel and full sizes. 

There are 8-10 products per box. 

All subscribers receive the same products.

A colour, folded A4 slip tells you what products and brands are in the box and has their logos. There are also links to websites to purchase, and discount codes if applicable. The RRP is not included. On the reverse side is a welcome note.

In the May 2015 box, the contents were:

  • Sweet William, Dark Orange Chocolate Bar, RRP Unknown (full size)
  • Orgran, Multigrain Wafer Crackers, RRP Unknown (full size)
  • Awe Cosmeceuticals, Rasadana Hydrating Mask, RRP Unknown (sample size)
  • Paleo Skincare, Spearmint Tallow Body Wash, RRP Unknown (sample size)
  • Wotnot, Biodegradable Wipes, RRP Unknown (sample size)
  • Anerah Skincare, Organic Recovery Eye Cream, RRP Unknown (sample size)


Native Box February 2015 Review

Native Box February 2015 Review. Photo: Willunga Wino

Favourite Product:

My favourite product in this month’s box was the Awe Cosmeceuticals Mask, which you actually rub into your skin as a moisturiser.


There is a new points based rewards program, where points are earned by purchasing subscriptions and reviewing the samples in the boxes. Every 1000 points earned is $10 off your purchase costs.

If you complete the monthly feedback survey on the box, you also get a bonus product in your box.

There are also regular “fun Friday” competitions via their Facebook page.

Online Shop: 

There is an online shop where you can buy full sized versions of your favourite samples. 



What would you have loved out of this month’s box? Comment Below!
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Native Box February 2015 Review

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