Lark Hill 2010 Pinot Noir Wine Tasting Review

Lark Hill Canberra Pinot Noir 2010 wine tasting review
Lark Hill Canberra Pinot Noir 2010 wine tasting review


Canberra – amongst other things – is the home of the truffle. 

Wise farmers inoculated the roots of hazelnut groves and we now reap the benefits of the most elusive, umami, richly mushroomy knobbly hunks of wonderment.

Each year the harvest of truffles in Canberra is celebrated with festivals of wine and food, the clincher for many of our visits to the region. 

One place we go back to is Lark Hill, the biodynamically farmed and certified organic winery with the gorgeous hand sketched bird of the same name on the label.

When we were there, the new restaurant was n-e-a-r-l-y finished. All modern lines and views over the vines. But we just missed out before moving south to the McLaren Vale. No doubt they would incorporate some of those precious truffles in season, which would go perfectly with this Pinot.



Lark Hill Canberra Pinot Noir 2010 wine tasting review

Lark Hill Canberra Pinot Noir 2010 wine tasting review

Well Looky Here

Crimson and bright.


Sniff Sniff

My favourite word is “phoofy” to describe dark, earthy, barnyardy smells that remind me of soil just after rain, or the smell of the rainforest; mushroomy, truffley even.

With it’s age, this pinot has a touch of the “phoof”.

But it is a wine of contrasts, with bright cherry jam as well.


Sip Sip

Savoury, juicy. In compliment with the “phoof” on the nose and in contrast with the sweet cherry still hanging on. 

Intriguing as you slurp.

I would drink what remaining bottles there are now though, once the cherry is gone it will be all phoof, and that is probably not too long from now. 

Region: Canberra District, Australian Capital Territory
Alcohol: 13%
Closure: Stelvin.
Price: Current vintage, 2014, $40 (2010 is sold out)
Tasted: June 2015
Food Match: Pasta with smoked fish, veggies & goat curd.
What are your thoughts on Canberra wines? Comment below! 

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 Lark Hill Canberra Pinot Noir 2010 wine tasting review

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