Nama Nama Restaurant Review Melbourne – Dec 13

Nama Nama Restaurant Review Melbourne - Dec 13
Nama Nama Restaurant Review Melbourne - Dec 13
A friendly ‘irrashaimase’ welcome is a great start to lunch on an unseasonably warm Melbourne day. Japanese waitstaff are attentive & chatty. 
Chef at work Photo: Willunga Wino
The first decision is what to select from Nama Nama’s wide range of Japanese beers, including a few that I had never tried before. 
Wall of mini Kirin beers Photo: Willunga Wino
Yona Yona is an ale from Nagano, home of the 1998 Winter Olympics. It was crisp & clean like all Japanese beers, with nice hop-bitterness that was very refreshing on a hot Melbourne day.
Tasty beer Photo: Willunga Wino
Nama Nama has made a name for itself with the house-made udon noodles. Udon are the thick wheat noodles which are slippery and toothsome at the same time, and are one of three national noodles from Japan. The other two are ramen, Chinese style “two minute noodles”, and soba noodles made from buckwheat. 

Given the unseasonably warm 40 degree temperature, hot noodles aren’t high on my agenda.

The choose-your-own-bento is a great idea with an excellent variety of choices. The fun and cheery atmosphere continues through the menu with a clever ‘Greek Salad’ made with silken tofu instead of salty feta, giving the appearance of the Greek classic but a very Japanese taste. My vegetarian bento also came with miso eggplant, ginger pickled veg, tamago (egg) sushi and a salad with daikon dresshing and crunchy croutons.

Vegie bento Photo: Willunga Wino

Like most Japanese meals, you are left satisfied but not overfull, and the cuisine has a healthful lightness. 

Nama Nama’s bento have a sustainable edge over their competitors. A “bento club” is offered where a discount is given for returning take away bento boxes for cleaning & reuse.

Fun, fresh and joyful are the lasting impressions. I would love to return to sample the house made udon, green tea cookies and cakes.
Cool coasters Photo: Willunga Wino

Well worth a visit for those seeking a veg bento and interesting beers.

Rating : 4 Glasses
Price: $
Menu – Lunch Menu at , Drink Menu – 
Meal Size: Light but satisfying
Atmosphere / Ambience: Cool, welcoming.
Standout Dish: Vegetable korma and samosas.
Service: Attentive, friendly.
Online Booking: Not generally nescessary.
Restaurant Details and Location:
31 Spring St, Melbourne
Tel No: 08 8556 5547
Opening Hours:Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

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