Top 4 Adelaide Vegan Home Based Businesses Nov 2013

Top 4 Adelaide Vegan Home Based Businesses Nov 2013
Top 4 Adelaide Vegan Home Based Businesses Nov 2013
Like Big Kev – I’m excited.

Home based, local Adelaide vegan food businesses are booming. Having sampled the Fakery Bakery’s wares at That Dapper Market earlier in the year, I became hooked. Cupcakes with names like “Socks” & “Jocks” and delicious flavours like chocolate & bourbon.


How could you not love these Fathers Day vegan cupcakes? Photo: Willunga Wino
The fantastically named In The Garden of Vegan appears frequently at the monthly (2nd Sat of the Month) Willunga Quarry Market, sporting fresh vegeburgers hot from griddle, soup, cupcakes, iced tea and other sweet treats. Their cupcakes are very sweet and tasty and are similar to the texture of a bannana or carrot cake – rich with fruit.

Rasberry & White Choc cupcakes Photo: Willunga Wino

The veggie burgers are saucy, flavoursome and have thick patties of innovative flavours like beetroot, and are great value for a tenner.

Beetroot veggie burger Photo: Willunga Wino

Marion home based business Veganised, makes ice creams and cakes for cafe’s, and a monthly bake-house box direct to consumers. 

The October savoury bakehouse box comes choc a block with temptations that are free from eggs, dairy and other animal products.

Dainty mini-quiches are rich and full of flavour without dairy & eggs. Choc full of spinach and corn, they have a cheesy firm base.
Mini sausage rolls have a surprisingly smoky mock mince filling with a satisfying toothsome texture.

The spinach & cheese pasties are creamy & flavourome inside a wholemeal crust.
Spinach & Cheese wholemeal pasties Photo: Willunga Wino

The ribs are dense and satisfying seitan (wheat gluten) pieces, vacuum sealed in it’s marinade bag. Grilled on the BBQ, the sticky, sweet and smoky marinade creates authentic crispy & chewy bits with a result that will leave you wishing you had a bib, a beer and another half rack. 

It has been over 10 years since I had vege-ribs like this, and that was a commercial American supermarket product. Veganised’s version is way, way better.

BBQ Ribs, Feta & pumpkin salad, lentil salad, coconut rice & beetroot Photo: Willunga Wino
The box was good value at $45 and had enough meals, snacks, sauces and treats to last two people the best part of a week.
Some contents of the large savoury box Photo: Veganised Facebook Page
A hearty family sized pie is included, filled with a truly delicious mushroom and mock mince filling. It tastes just like Maggie Beer’s Vegetable & Verjuice Pate. You are guaranteed to be left wanting more.
More Contents; clockwise from top left, Mushroom Mince Pie, Chickpea Bites w/ potato salad & corn relish, Lasagne, Pumpkin, Feta, Lentil, Coconut Rice & beetroot salads Photo: Veganised Facebook Page


I’m completely baffled by the tzatziki. How is it possible to have a flavour & texture identical yoghurt dip without dairy? It is tangy with lemon, authentically garlicky and has the expected cucumber pieces. Delicous on wraps or on it’s own as a dip.
Thick creamy mayonnaise is also a winner. It is nicely sweet, fluffy and indistinguishable from dairy & egg based mayo. With some dill, verjuice and olive oil it makes a stunning salad dressing.
The mushroom pate tastes is flavoured with thyme and other herbs, and is delicious on crackers or on your lunch wrap.

To taste it for yourself, follow Veganised on Facebook and ask to join their new mailing list by emailing 

Port Willunga based Studio Voodoo has a Friday Foodies club, with a new menu published each Monday and orders picked up on a Friday. There are meals, salads, and wicked desserts to choose from, as well as tasting plates with a little bit of everything. One nice touch is the re-usable and returnable trays & crockery to take your goodies home in – eco friendly too.



I sampled quinoa and lentil rissoles which came with a tomato concasse and pickled beetroot. It was delicious and the plate was even oven safe to make them crisp and warm.

Quinoa & lentil rissoles Photo: Willunga Wino

We also had the Gado Gado salad, which was filled with a wide variety of perfectly cooked veggies, and ginger infused soft & delicious tofu, lots of fresh herbs and satay sauce. As a special treat, there was also mocha mousse which came with choc chip cookies to dip.

Gado Gado Photo: Willunga Wino
 I like knowing that this delicious vegan food was made in a kitchen, not a factory, and the ingredients are real, not chemicals. I love to see these home based businesses booming and making fresh. local, sustainable food easily available.  

Once you have had a taste I am sure you will be hooked too!

What’s your favourite vegan meal vendor?


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